Sunday, May 21, 2006

Final Writing



Topic: How can you improve English ability through using English Websites ?

Which websites for I think of leaning English is good?

I think the Google Earth ( is best . If you planning to
travel or to see the place at the world everywhere , you can use this ! It’s
very convent and fast to get the information of the place where you want
to go or you want to know!

Using the Google Earth you can see the pictures of any place on earth .
First you should to download its office software , after download you can
type the address or landmark’s name where you want to reserving .
Google Earth will show you the recent satellite image of the location .

By the way you can using this software to serving own home . I use
this software find the place where I want to go to vacation’s
point—kenting (墾丁) I can see the beach and sea first . I can use these
picture to get driving directions or find a store or just relax for exploring
the world . I think this software are very useful to usually go to travel’s
people .In my summer vacation I will use these softwear to add my knowledge .