Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mid-term Composition

Topic :Spotlight on Beauty of Taiwan

Name 林文一

Academic NO.97015

Whenever some people ask:"What is Taibei's characteristic?" The Taibei people always stare dumbfounded.Did not know how replied。Actually,Taibei's characteristic lay in it to gather too many characteristics. This spot,The Taibei people must have the self-confidence,And take it as a great honour. Since Taibei in the experience economic construction city more than centuries time, the innumerable people wisdom has planned and under the construction,The achievement many is already brilliant. Therefore,Only manages us to yearn for the carefree idyllic life,Actually still had to be inferior to like a moth to the flame gathered toward Taibei, Only because likes its galaxy, the information is rich,Fills each kind of opportunity and is possible. Reads attentively Taibei,You also can discover,Taibei's buried treasure not only in hardware construction.Lies in its graceful big stomach,May contain the different race group, the culture and the sound。
,Each kind of information fast circulation. Taibei’s people never feared falls behind.In addition,The picnic, climbs a mountain, the healthy line, malingers,Nearly in foot ruler. Four cardinal points, world good food then challenges the Taibei person's sense of taste to on the edge of they”s seat be happy as necessary.


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