Wednesday, December 28, 2005

97-3 Name:林文一 Academic No.97015

Thought Of ‘ The Wizard of Oz ’

場景1. The Cyclone

2. The Council of Munchkins

3. How Dorothy saved the scarecrow

4. The road through forest

5. The cowardly lion

6.The journey to the great Oz

8. The Deadly Poppy Fild

9. The The Queen of the Field

10. The Rescue

11. The wonderful City of Oz

12.Back to sweet home

There is no place like home .After I watch the “The Wizard of Oz” Dorothy
is s girl who live in town. One day he dreamed, she fall in a fantacy world. The world
where full of magic and many wonderful thing. Then she meet a lion who walk use
two leg and a tman and a scarecrow.
The world of Oz everyone all can talk not only people but also animal. I already
know the story John woo was inspired ‘ The Wizard of Oz ’ The movie is through
by love. It’s easy to see that how much affection between Dorothy and her dog, Toto.
At last I fell this story is very fun.


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