Sunday, May 21, 2006

Final Writing



Topic: How can you improve English ability through using English Websites ?

Which websites for I think of leaning English is good?

I think the Google Earth ( is best . If you planning to
travel or to see the place at the world everywhere , you can use this ! It’s
very convent and fast to get the information of the place where you want
to go or you want to know!

Using the Google Earth you can see the pictures of any place on earth .
First you should to download its office software , after download you can
type the address or landmark’s name where you want to reserving .
Google Earth will show you the recent satellite image of the location .

By the way you can using this software to serving own home . I use
this software find the place where I want to go to vacation’s
point—kenting (墾丁) I can see the beach and sea first . I can use these
picture to get driving directions or find a store or just relax for exploring
the world . I think this software are very useful to usually go to travel’s
people .In my summer vacation I will use these softwear to add my knowledge .

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mid-term Composition

Topic :Spotlight on Beauty of Taiwan

Name 林文一

Academic NO.97015

Whenever some people ask:"What is Taibei's characteristic?" The Taibei people always stare dumbfounded.Did not know how replied。Actually,Taibei's characteristic lay in it to gather too many characteristics. This spot,The Taibei people must have the self-confidence,And take it as a great honour. Since Taibei in the experience economic construction city more than centuries time, the innumerable people wisdom has planned and under the construction,The achievement many is already brilliant. Therefore,Only manages us to yearn for the carefree idyllic life,Actually still had to be inferior to like a moth to the flame gathered toward Taibei, Only because likes its galaxy, the information is rich,Fills each kind of opportunity and is possible. Reads attentively Taibei,You also can discover,Taibei's buried treasure not only in hardware construction.Lies in its graceful big stomach,May contain the different race group, the culture and the sound。
,Each kind of information fast circulation. Taibei’s people never feared falls behind.In addition,The picnic, climbs a mountain, the healthy line, malingers,Nearly in foot ruler. Four cardinal points, world good food then challenges the Taibei person's sense of taste to on the edge of they”s seat be happy as necessary.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

97-3 Name:林文一 Academic No.97015

Thought Of ‘ The Wizard of Oz ’

場景1. The Cyclone

2. The Council of Munchkins

3. How Dorothy saved the scarecrow

4. The road through forest

5. The cowardly lion

6.The journey to the great Oz

8. The Deadly Poppy Fild

9. The The Queen of the Field

10. The Rescue

11. The wonderful City of Oz

12.Back to sweet home

There is no place like home .After I watch the “The Wizard of Oz” Dorothy
is s girl who live in town. One day he dreamed, she fall in a fantacy world. The world
where full of magic and many wonderful thing. Then she meet a lion who walk use
two leg and a tman and a scarecrow.
The world of Oz everyone all can talk not only people but also animal. I already
know the story John woo was inspired ‘ The Wizard of Oz ’ The movie is through
by love. It’s easy to see that how much affection between Dorothy and her dog, Toto.
At last I fell this story is very fun.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Where where 哪裡哪裡
Over talk 過獎ㄌ
Today teacher tell everybody the score of the test,I feel not bad.Before the test I very

Monday, October 17, 2005

Finding Nemo

This story takes place under the sea One of the main characters is a clown fish whose son, Nemo, is captured by a human .Nemo”s dad very effort to save and find his son .

After look the movie ,On his way to finding his son ,he meet very friend and come cross very adventures .Nemo’s dad is a newroader
,he need to very people’s help.After all he find his son.